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MLP Next Gen Hunger Games :iconlillyloveartist:Lillyloveartist 6 3
RWBY Seven Minutes In Heaven Weiss x Male!Reader
Wasting little time, you place your hand within the bag before you and rummage around. Hoping you will pick the item that belongs to your crush.
Something inside the bag catches your attention, it's cold, metallic and rectangular in shape.
'Odd. I winder what it is?' You think as you choose this item and bring it out of the bag.
You then see that what you've picked is an earring, it fits very well into the palm of your hand. It is silver in colour and rectangular in it's shape. It looks faintly familiar, too.
"Hmm, where have I seen this before..." You ponder as you scratch your (h/c) haired head.
"I believe you'll find that belongs to me." A familiar, female voice states in a matter-of-fact kind of tone.
Looking to the source of the voice, you are met with the sight of long, white hair set into a side-ponytail, a lovely pale skinned face with a vertical scar below her left eye, both of which are ice-blue in colour.
Indeed, you shall be spending seven minutes alone with the heiress her
:iconvanguardoffire:VanguardofFire 61 31
Revealing a PrismXAnnie tale
“I’m here! I'm not late!” Prism Bolt shouted as he burst through the, thankfully, open window and landed. He skidded to a stop before a group of ponies patiently waiting in the foyer of the small two story cottage. He drew in deep breaths through his nose and mouth as beads of sweat rolled from his face. The animals, that called the space home, retreated to their burrows and nooks from the commotion that was the pegasus colt’s arrival.
Starburst looked up at old cuckoo clock before turning her gaze to her out of breath friend and said.
“Well I’m surprised. You’re not only late but six whole minutes early. And here I thought you wouldn’t show because you were taking some pre-afternoon nap.” His breath still evading capture, Prism Bolt replied through pants.
“I don’t take a pre-afternoon nap short stack. My napping schedule is perfectly timed for maximum sleep. And you’re one to talk with how many
:icondarthsylar12:Darthsylar12 5 4
MMD: Ruby Rose Kingdom Hearts GameOver :icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 45 10
Male Reader x Yang: Golden Angel
"Stupid trees. Can't see anything."
The boy muttered to himself he looked on into the red forest, searching for the party.
It was a surprise that (F/N) would be loss in an assignment like this. Almost everyday, he would daydream about a certain subject or someone. When he would be called to answer a question, (F/N) would have no problem shoving the answer. But when it came to fighting, he wasn't very good.
Professor Peach asked everyone to study the trees in Forever Fall and collect the sap after. Everyone already did collect sap a few weeks back, but a certain red head was getting tired of how bland her pancakes were and decided to get the syrup from the professor's office. As a result, everyone had to get a jar of sap from 3 trees (much to everyone's chagrin and Nora's enjoyment).
After a few sapless trees, (F/N) decided to dwelve deeper into the forest, leaving his team and the party behind. It wasn't until he finally got 3 full jars he realized his mistake. He tried every method po
:iconshockblasttehgreat:shockblasttehgreat 117 30
The Love Bringer :iconthechrispony:TheChrisPony 70 19 Sleep In :iconmarima15:Marima15 116 29 I would not do that if I were you :iconhikariviny:hikariviny 754 154
Mature content
The Usurper :iconrated-r-ponystar:Rated-R-PonyStar 135 69
Hey Boy :iconlesbocarwash:LesboCarwash 23 10 Starshine: Goodnight kisses :icondrewmwhit:Drewmwhit 48 12 I love Littlepip! :iconjetwave:JetWave 46 30 Up There... :iconpiepon:piepon 235 20 Anthro Starburst :iconsweetsismagic:SweetsisMagic 15 1 Peck On The Cheek :iconqueenshota:QueenShota 5 10 [SFM]i think youre dead :iconraidonguardian:RaidonGuardian 21 28


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